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Buyer Leads

Our buyer leads go above and beyond what you are accustomed to. We offer short forms: Zip, Name, Email and Phone. Also, extended leads provide: Timeframe, Price Range, Pre-Approved?, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Confirmation of No Agent hired yet and Motivation.

Seller Leads

Our seller leads are true Sellers. They respond to a simple question: Would You Sell Your Home? You get Name, Email, Phone, Address, Asking Price, Timeframe, Issues? Agent? and, if they want Cash, Listed or Open to Both options.

Mortgage Leads

Reference our buyer leads above, we gather all of that information which is very useful for your initial call or text, but, we go further for you. We ask Credit Rating, Down Payment, Income and Employment status/length 

Premium Leads

The Process

It is very important that you are able to send buyer's new and existing listings that meet their criteria. Or, send sellers information on their home and their market

We generate leads mostly online, these are people that are actively, or beginning to think about a selling their home or purchasing a home

Keep following up. It typically takes 9 attempts to connect with a lead. Use SMS, Phone Calls and Emails. Our scripts will also help you get closings!

How Zip Codes and Territories Work

Pick One Center Zip Code

Select one center point Zip Code

Pick a Mile Radius

Choose a 5 - 500 Mile Radius

Get Leads in Your Zips

You will get Texts and Emails 

Zip Alerts

Lead Notifications

You will get a Text and Email. It is very important you open this right away or it will move on the next Agent/Lender. You have 5 Minutes to Open and Say Accept or Reject

Lead Preview

When a Lead Alert is delivered to you. It will show you the Tags of each lead. It will provide all lead details aside from Name, Email, Phone and Address

Lead Payment

You will then Accept or Deny the lead after seeing the price. Price is determined by Pre-Appoval status, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Price range and Timeframe -- the factors that contribute to higher commissions.

"This is a HUGE positive disruption in the Real Estate Tech and Lead Gen industry"

Isacc Guzman, Keller Williams

Lead Scoring

Lead Verification

We use cutting edge marketing strategies paired with state of art technology to provide the highest quality lead out there. We pass on lower costs because we don't use ISA's -- we let the expert (you) to the screening

Lead Conversion

We will send you update requests on each lead, this way we make sure you are actively following up with each lead. This also helps us increase quality for coversions and score the best performing Agents. Keep in mind, stats show you must Text, Call and Email clients on average 9 times before they respond, so be proactive and persistent.

Zip Fast to Lead

Speed to lead is one of the most important factors in conversion. This why we reward you by ranking you up in priority if you are quick to open and Accept or Deny. Slow response however, would rank you down.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I get a fake lead or one with a Bad Number?

If a lead comes through with a bad number, please email the prospect immediately and ask for a correct number, if we or they cannot provide you with one, we will refund or credit back that lead

How many Agents get a lead alert?

Most Zip Codes or Territories will have 3-20 Agents in them, and this number is growing. So speed to lead claiming in a big factor in catching these oppurtunities. We allow 2 Agents to purchase each lead. 

Can you send these leads into my CRM?

Yes, we can form a custom connection to your CRM for a small one-time fee, or you may use our E-mail notifications if you have a CRM that can grab leads via Email. Either, way, the answer is Yes

How do I rank up to be first in line?

Make sure to Accept or Deny leads in a timely manner, update and comment on the progress of each lead and claim more opportunities. The algorithm favors the most active and highest converting Agent in each Zip Code.

Learn More About Pricing of Leads

We charge per lead. Based on an a projected commission outcome algorithm

Buyer Leads



Be the first Agent on EVERY lead in your market to get the alerts. You must maintain a good response speed to keep this spot

First in Line


Seller Leads

  • SMS Drips
  • Mass SMS
  • Email Drips
  • Mass Email
  • VM drops

Drip CRM


Per Month

Starting at

Starting at

Short Form leads start at $10. Lead costs increase based on Pre-Approval Status, Timeframe, Price Range and Bedrooms or Bathrooms

Lower Priced Homes start at $30. Lead costs increase based on Motivation, Timeframe, Price Range and if they want Cash, Listed or Open to Both

Per Month

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